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Farm2Lab has been developed over several years, working closely with clients to develop a simple, quick solution for Australian soils and conditions.

The Eurofins APAL Farm2Lab service is designed to help customers complete sampling jobs quickly and easily.

The Eurofins APAL Farm2Lab App is available in the iOS App Store for the iPad, and the Google Play Store for Android tablets, and is free to download. We know that working in the country, internet access can sometimes be spotty or non-existent, so the app is designed to work offline, saving your data until you return to internet signal.

For small or simple sampling jobs, the manual sampling process allows you to enter information and scan sample bags directly using your tablet in the paddock.

For larger or more complex jobs, the guided sampling process allows you to setup a sampling plan through the website in advance, which can then be synced to your tablet for in-paddock navigation and scanning sample bags. Changes can be made on-the-go to analysis and sampling depths, and new sites can also be added to the job from in the paddock.

The Farm2Lab user guide can help you get started, or you can contact one of our helpful staff with any questions.


Farm2Lab User Guide

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