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MIR provides key insights for Michael

‘The results are fast, cost-effective, and I can choose any combination of analyses I need; there’s no regimented set of tests like many of the competitors offer.’

– Michael Moodie

Flexibility valued in dairy testing

‘We really appreciate APAL’s flexibility and ability to customise services to meet individual farmer needs. With APAL we aren’t limited by a fixed set of tests or reports, it is a completely open relationship.’

– Greg Mitchell

Soil testing supports variable rate farming for AG Schilling & Co

‘I get raw data for soil tests because I’m comfortable with my soil nutrition knowledge, but when it comes to plant tissue testing, APAL send me a full interpretation, because I’m not as familiar with those results.’

– Neil Wittwer

Scientific approach inspires trust

‘The growers have such trust in Ryan and APAL, they know that sending samples to APAL will give them the best possible understanding of their soils.’

– Craig Topham

Streamlined sampling wins over Craig

‘Soil, plant and grain testing play an important part in my clients’ decision-making, so it’s important to use a laboratory I trust.’

– Chris Davey