Working with Eurofins APAL is easy
Whether you're a farmer, an agronomist or a researcher, Eurofins APAL is committed to helping your business run smoothly by providing a fast and accurate service at a competitive cost. We're proud to be Australia's leading independent agricultural laboratory, with a focus on building client relationships so you can be assured of consistent and reliable responses to all samples ro results queries. Select your business type below to learn how we can help.

For Farmers

Eurofins APAL works with farmers to provide them with invaluable insight into paddock soil, and the technology to ensure consistent testing year after year.

For Agronomists &

Eurofins APAL works with agronomists and stores to give growers the confidence they need to hit yield targets and maximise the return on their investments.

For Researchers

Eurofins APAL works and collaborates with researchers to provide analysis on soil, plants and water, to improve their specialist knowledge.

Our Online Platforms

Our online platforms allow you to quickly and easily order your testing, monitor its status as it's processed, and retrieve your completed results along with your billing history.

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Eurofins APAL Farm2Lab is a free app available for the iPad and Android tablets, which simplifies and streamlines the process of in-paddock sampling.

Eurofins APAL Online Portal

Eurofins APAL's online portal simplifies the laboratory process for our clients, allowing you to access pricing, submit quotes, get live updates on the status of your tests and access your historic data and reports.

Kits and online payments

Our online order and payment system allows you to order soil, plant and water analysis in a few easy steps. Eurofins APAL's KIT will be sent to you, giving you everything you need to take and send samples to the lab. (Reply paid postage is included.)

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