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Eurofins APAL continues to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to quality and constant improvement.


Eurofins APAL maintains a current PIRSA Biosecurity CA12 Certification

Receival and handling of plant tissue and soil samples at the Hindmarsh facility from outside of South Australia is accredited by PIRSA Biosecurity – Plant Health, under the Procedure for Importation of State Quarantine Risk Material by an Accredited Laboratory, CA12.

For our clients outside SA sending samples to the Hindmarsh facility, we require you to comply with the packaging and labelling requirements that are mandated by this Biosecurity Standard. If you are unsure of the requirements, contact our Customer Services Team before packaging and sending your samples. We view you as our partners in achieving a high standard of compliance. This ensures your samples, or your client’s samples, will arrive at our Hindmarsh facility without risk of samples being lost, and without compromise to the state’s Biosecurity.

Additionally, if your samples are vine material or vineyard soils from outside the SA Phylloxora Exclusion Zone (PEZ), you must include a copy of our CA12 Certificate which also doubles as Plant Health Import Certificate (PHIC), and a completed CA12 Diagnostic Sample Declaration Form. This includes additional information to the general submission form.


Eurofins APAL is proud to be a member of ASPAC (Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council)

ASPAC is an independent international organisation comprising individuals, laboratories, and research and commercial organisations involved in soil and plant tissue analysis. Primarily, it promotes the adoption of:

  • Appropriate field sampling protocols
  • Uniform and reliable soil and plant analytical methods
  • Sound interpretation guidelines
  • The most reliable and appropriate advice to clients

ASPAC also brings together individuals and groups from industry, public institutions and independent laboratories in Australia, New Zealand and other countries in the region to share information and technology on soil and plant tissue analysis.

ASPAC Certifications

ASPAC distributes check soil and plant tissue samples for analysis by participating laboratories, under this quality assurance program. It involves three rounds of four samples collected throughout the year with the results for all laboratories collated by an independent company.

Based on the accuracy of their results, laboratories achieve certification for various elements and methods. Not all soil test methods are included in the ASPAC program. Eurofins APAL maintains certification for the soil and plant tissue methods in which it participates.

See www.aspac-australasia.com to search our current certifications.

NATA accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 (2017) for Testing Laboratories

Eurofins APAL maintains NATA accreditation through the operation of a comprehensive laboratory quality management system and continuous interlaboratory testing to a high level of proficiency. This covers a large number of the tests performed at the laboratory, and our ambition is to continuously expand the range of tests covered under the scope of the accreditation.

Click here to view our current NATA scope of accreditation

Eurofins APAL's Quality Policy

Eurofins APAL works tirelessly on ensuring our quality management system is compliant with AS ISO/IEC 17025. Please take the time to read APAL's Quality Policy.

Quality Policy


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