Soil Testing
Good, fertile soil drives agricultural production, and a detailed understanding is the first step towards realising its full potential. Soil analysis is fundamental to understanding your soil and Eurofins APAL provides you with a detailed analysis to form the basis for specific soil fertility and/or amelioration required to correct physical or chemical soil imbalances.

Why soil test?

Predictive - What's the nutritional status of my soil? What soil chemical properties are limiting my production?

Troubleshooting - Are chemical properties in my soil causing underperformance or affecting yield?

Monitoring - Have there been any changes to the chemical properties of my soil over time?

  • Assess the capacity of the soil to support plant growth
  • Establish current soil nutritional status
  • Diagnose plant nutrient deficiencies/toxicities
  • Make informed decisions for soil management and fertiliser applications to maximise yields and profits
  • Indicate the ameliorants required to correct physical or chemical soil imbalances
  • Monitor soil fertility; ensure we are not mining soil, building soil health and fertility
  • Fine tune nutritional inputs
  • Ensure fertiliser applications have no adverse environmental effects
  • Identify soil variability and apply precision agricultural technology
Additionally, establishing a fertile/healthy well-structured soil will improve:
  • Yields
  • Quality of produce — appearance, weight, taste, shelf life
  • Food nutrient value
  • Resistance to pests and diseases
  • Livestock performance
  • Water use efficiency
  • Fertiliser use efficiency
  • Profit

If you're after more information about selecting sampling sites or conducting soil sampling, our Soil Sampling Instructions will help you get on the right track.

Eurofins | APAL Example Reports

Soil testing results are delivered in a format of your choice. Data files, reports including interpretation on soil critical levels or custom uploads to your chosen platforms.

Multiple reporting formats can be easily generated. An example of our interpreted report is available below.

Soil Sample Analysis Report Example


Submitting Samples

It's easy to submit your samples for testing. To see how Eurofins APAL can work best for you, select your business type.

Don't forget that you can track the status of your testing at any time on our Eurofins APAL Online Portal.

For Farmers

Eurofins APAL works with farmers to enable full variable rate farming by providing them with invaluable insight into paddock soil, and the technology to ensure consistent testing year after year.

For Agronomists & Stores

Eurofins APAL works with agronomists and stores to give growers the confidence they need to hit yield targets and cut back on fertiliser expenses.

For Researchers

Eurofins APAL works with researchers to provide analysis on soil properties and plant tissues, to improve their specialist knowledge.

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