Water Sampling Instructions
Good quality water is essential no matter how it's used. Eurofins APAL's chemical analysis of your water sample is the key to determining suitability for agriculture or domestic uses.

Correct sampling is imperative to ensure accurate analysis and interpretation. Precise nutrient management can only occur with a quality representative sample.

  • Make sure you have an Eurofins APAL Online account ready for use or you have downloaded and printed the appropriate forms
  • Review your required test – W1 for Irrigation & Livestock, or W2 for Irrigation, Livestock and Heavy Metals testing. If in doubt, please contact Eurofins APAL or speak with your agronomist
  • Determine the appropriate sampling plan. Keep in mind the need to ensure a representative sample is obtained
  • If you are using your own sampling bottle, ensure it is thoroughly rinsed. If you require sampling bottles please contact us

Sending the sample to the lab

Deliver to:

PO BOX 155
Welland SA 5007
Unit 3, 11 Ridley St
Hindmarsh SA 5007
PO BOX 174
Belmont WA 6984
Unit 4, 158 Fransisco St
Belmont WA 6104

For any further information please contact Eurofins APAL on 08 8332 0199 or info@apal.com.au

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