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At Eurofins APAL, we're strong believers in the power of technology, and we're committed to using it to its fullest potential to bring you the information you need faster, regardless of distance. Our online platforms allow you to quickly and easily order your testing, monitor its status as it's processed, and retrieve your completed results along with your billing history. Our Farm2Lab app, available for iPad and Android tablets, has revolutionised the process of in-paddock soil testing. Learn more about Eurofins APAL's technology solutions below.

Eurofins APAL Farm2Lab App

The Eurofins APAL Farm2Lab service is designed to help customers complete sampling jobs quickly and easily. The Farm2Lab App is available in the iOS App Store for the iPad, and the Google Play Store for Android tablets, and is free to download. We know that working in the country, internet access can sometimes be spotty or non-existent, so the app is designed to work offline, saving your data until you return to internet signal.

Farm2Lab has been developed over several years, working closely with clients to develop a simple, quick solution for Australian soils and conditions.

For small or simple sampling jobs, the manual sampling process allows you to enter information and scan sample bags directly using your tablet in the paddock.

For larger or more complex jobs, the guided sampling process allows you to setup a sampling plan through the website in advance, which can then be synced to your tablet for in-paddock navigation and scanning sample bags. Changes can be made on-the-go to analysis and sampling depths, and new sites can also be added to the job from in the paddock.

The system is designed to integrate with a large number of GIS and farm planning platforms. Specific uploads can be customised to your business.

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Eurofins APAL Online Portal

Eurofins APAL's online portal has taken the extra steps to simplify the laboratory process for our clients. Communication is critical in delivering you a great service, the platform will allow you to:

  • Update your details or staff information.
  • Access your pricing.
  • Know when your samples have arrived at the lab, view your submissions and get live updates on reporting dates and where your samples are up to in the lab.
  • Submit online quotes for testing outside of our test groups.
  • A backup and access to your historic data and reports, rerun reports with different crop types. Access numerous different reporting methods.
  • Add Company Logos and customise your reports with our innovative report developer, customise your Farm2Lab app credentials and submission forms to only include the tests you regularly use.
  • For researchers and submitting large numbers of samples, access templates and utilise our simple bulk submission upload.

To set up a trading account with Eurofins APAL and access Eurofins APAL Online, please download our account application form. To discuss pricing and terms, please Contact APAL directly.

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Kit and online payments

Our Online Order Form allows you to order soil, plant and water analysis in a few easy steps. Once you provide us with some details of your intended sampling and required tests, we'll send you our kit, which includes comprehensive sampling instructions, sampling bags or bottles, and reply paid envelopes to send your samples to the lab. Once testing is complete, we'll email you your detailed test results. The system allows for online payment, or you can send a cheque with the samples.

We are always here to help! The system will guide you through the best testing options for your crop and region, and if you need help, please get on the phone to one of our friendly staff.

Visit the Online Order Form here.

Working with Eurofins APAL is easy

Whether you're a farmer, an agronomist or a researcher, Eurofins APAL is committed to making your business run smoothly, providing a fast and accurate service for a low cost.

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For Farmers

Eurofins APAL works with farmers to enable full variable rate farming by providing them with invaluable insight into paddock soil, and the technology to ensure consistent testing year after year.

For Agronomists & Stores

Eurofins APAL works with agronomists and stores to give growers the confidence they need to hit yield targets and cut back on fertiliser expenses.

For Researchers

Eurofins APAL works with researchers to provide analysis on soil properties and plant tissues, to improve their specialist knowledge.

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