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MIR provides key insights for Michael

February 4, 2019

Researcher Michael Moodie has been using APAL since 2014 for research and trial work in his Mallee-based business.

APAL’s Mid Infra-Red (MIR) capability is one of the main reasons Michael keeps coming back.

“The new MIR technology at APAL means I can rapidly and cost effectively understand soil texture across the profile,” he says.

“Unlike regular soil tests which tell us what is in the soil, the MIR can describe the soil itself.

“This is particularly important in the Malleeā€™s variable soils.”

Michael Moodie

Researcher at Moodie Agronomy


SA, NSW and Victorian Mallee

Michael performs thousands of tests each year, analysed by APAL, to understand the effect of various crops on soil properties, to improve understanding of sub-soils, and to help growers manage their enterprise based on soil knowledge.

“Using Electromagnetic (EM38) maps along with MIR data from APAL, I can work with growers to decide where they can get a good payback from amelioration or fertiliser, where they should grow certain crops, and where will be most suited to pasture,” he says.

“These kinds of assessments are only available with access to soil texture information, which APAL provide using the MIR.”

Michael also uses APAL’s plant testing to understand the uptake from the soil into the growing plant.

“Plant testing can tell us how much of the micronutrients in the soil are being taken up by the plant, which means we know how much we should add next year, so action can be pre-emptive, before there are any problems,” he says.

Michael chooses APAL because of their flexibility and personal approach.

“When I am doing trials, I might be dropping off hundreds of samples in one hit without any notice, and the APAL team are always happy to accommodate me,” he says.

“The results are fast, cost-effective, and I can choose any combination of analyses I need; there’s no regimented set of tests like many of the competitors offer.

“Because they’re a small business, I know I can always contact them directly, they know me, and help me with whatever needs I have for each new trial.”