Compost Testing
Eurofins APAL provides testing to help you understand the composition of your compost. Composts can be used as a source of nutrition and/or soil amendment and are typically combined with conventional fertiliser sources to improve production. However, considerable variations associated with the compost manufacturing process make testing particularly important to understand the composition of your compost.

Why test?

  • Receive detailed analysis into what makes up your compost
  • Establish compost nutritional status
  • Use this insight to budget the nutrition for yield outcomes

Note: Only dry or composted materials are accepted by Eurofins APAL. We are unable to test raw or uncomposted manure or untreated effluent. If in doubt, give us a call before sending us your samples. If you have raw manure or effluent we can discuss options with one of our partner laboratories.

If you're after more information about conducting compost sampling, our Compost Sampling Instructions will help you get on the right track.

Submitting Samples

It's easy to submit your samples for testing. To see how Eurofins APAL can work best for you, select your business type.

Don't forget that you can track the status of your testing at any time on our Eurofins APAL Online Portal.

For Farmers

Eurofins APAL works with farmers to enable full variable rate farming by providing them with invaluable insight into paddock soil, and the technology to ensure consistent testing year after year.

For Agronomists & Stores

Eurofins APAL works with agronomists and stores to give growers the confidence they need to hit yield targets and cut back on fertiliser expenses.

For Researchers

Eurofins APAL works with researchers to provide analysis on soil properties and plant tissues, to improve their specialist knowledge.

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