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Apal Agricultural Laboratory, 12 months in, increased capacity and precision data

September 10, 2015

We have had a very busy but exciting time. A number of new staff have joined the team, we have renovated the lab, and significantly increased our capacity through the installation of new equipment. We would like to thank our existing and large number of new clients who have come on board for over the past 12 months.

A key focus of the past year has being improving and providing the precision analysis we stand by. A large amount of time and investment has gone into improving our data quality. NATA accreditation is progressing well and we are meeting our goals with ASPAC accreditation. Our current ASPAC certificates are available at

A key strategy in building our capacity has been the installation of new equipment and the renovation of our laboratory. We have now automated all of our analysis equipment, with the installation and expansion of our Continuous Flow Analyser for our Phosphorous and Nitrogen Chemistry. We have also automated our pH and EC analysis with the installation of a robotic machine. All of our laboratory titrations are also now performed on new robotic analysers. As well as improvements in the precision in our analyses, these upgrades have enabled us to better provide our clients with prompt turnaround times.

Some action shots from our lab renovations. A fair old mess to start, but they look great now!