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Test your water for optimum spray efficacy

May 26, 2020

Poor water quality can have a significant impact on the efficacy of many products used in spray applications.

However, APAL’s water testing service can provide sprayer operators with the analysis to ensure they are getting the most from their chemical application.

Water testing should be done annually when using bore water, water from streams or rivers, piped ground water or water stored in unlined dams or concrete tanks.

According to the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s spray water quality fact sheet, when considering if the water quality is suitable for a particular product, operators need to have accurate information about what may be present in the water that could affect the products being used.

The starting point should always be an accurate water test from a reputable laboratory and a thorough check of the product label and technical information from the manufacturer.

View the full list of minerals APAL can test for


Tips for water sampling

Correct sampling is imperative to ensure accurate analysis and interpretation. Precise management can only occur with a quality representative sample.

  • Make sure you have an APAL Online account ready for use or you have downloaded and printed the appropriate forms.
  • Review your required test:
    • W1 for irrigation and livestock.
    • W2 for irrigation, livestock and heavy metals testing.
    • W3 Spray Check
    • If in doubt, contact APAL or speak with your agronomist.
  • Determine the appropriate sampling plan. Keep in mind the need to ensure a representative sample is obtained.
  • If you are using your own sampling bottle, ensure it is thoroughly rinsed with the water you are sampling.
  • Always fill the bottle to the rim, then squeeze the bottle a little to overflow and exclude all air before capping tightly.
  • Refrigerate until delivery to your nearest APAL facility, or include a freezer brick to keep the sample chilled. Double-bag the sample and freezer brick when sending water samples.
  • Always use an overnight courier service or Express Post.
  • If you require sampling bottles please contact APAL.

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