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Special offer: deep N and subsoil health testing

April 28, 2021

With seeding quickly approaching or currently underway, there is no better time for growers and agronomists to get a gauge on what is happening with nitrogen and key mobile nutrients beneath the soil surface.

To help growers and agronomists in the northern and southern regions assess what lies beneath, APAL has a special offer on deep testing prices in the current service guide.

Southern Region

  • DS1 test set = Nitrate/ammonium – $14 each
  • DS2 test set = Nitrate/ammonium + sulfur (KCl) – $19.50 each

Northern Region

  • DS1 test set = Nitrate/ammonium – $14 each
  • DS14 test set = Nitrate/ammonium + sulfur (MCP) – $19.50 each

We recognise you might already be seeding, or have potential paddock accessibility issues at some stage during the early season. To let you tap in to this significant offer at a more convenient time, we will make it available for samples submitted online or received at Hindmarsh in the next three months, from 22 April until 23 July!

APAL’s modern facilities and continuously increasing sample capacity allow these deep soil test samples to be turned around in three business days from receival into the Hindmarsh laboratory. This ensures you get the analysis you need to make decisions on nutrient management and implement these strategies rapidly.

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Why deep test?
There are a number of benefits in deep soil testing.Exceptional winter crop yields in 2020 across New South Wales, Victoria and parts of South Australia will have seen crop nutrient removal rates at their highest levels for years for some regions.Under the excellent soil moisture conditions that prevailed in 2020, mineralisation of organic matter and potential leaching of mobile nutrients like nitrate and sulfate down the soil profile, coupled with the high crop removal rates  could see many soils with N and S status below optimal levels.Deep soil test now to ensure you understand current soil nutrient status and the fertiliser needs to get your crop off to a strong start and sustain vigour throughout the season.

Nitrogen and sulfur levels can fluctuate throughout the start of the season with sporadic rainfall across agricultural areas so matching sampling times as close to possible to peak crop N and S demand can lead to greater confidence in predicting N or S requirements.


About Farm2Lab    

The APAL Farm2Lab service is designed to help customers complete sampling jobs quickly and easily. The APAL Farm2Lab App is free to download from the iOS App Store for the iPad, and the Google Play Store for Android tablets. The app is designed to work offline, saving data until there is internet signal.

Farm2Lab has been developed over several years, through working closely with clients to develop a simple, quick solution for Australian soils and conditions. The system is designed to integrate with a number of GIS and farm planning platforms.

Start tapping in to all the features of Farm2Lab now – you will quickly realise how much more Farm2Lab offers than just a sampling app. The powerful visualisation tools will help you understand and manage the soils under your care.

If you need assistance getting started, talk to our Customer Services Team.

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