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Have you done a quick check of your soil nitrogen supply?

July 24, 2020

Get more bang for your buck and understand your soil nitrogen status to make better decision for your crop’s fertiliser requirements.

To do this, utilise APAL’s rapid in-season nitrogen test turnaround today! Use APAL’s Farm2Lab app to increase the speed from your paddock to the lab and back so you can make fast, informed in-season nitrogen management decisions.

APAL guarantees a rapid turnaround of in-season soil nitrogen testing

  • Three-day turnaround for deep soil nitrate and ammonia test results*
  • Sample in-season to crop rooting depth
  • Sample in the crop row
  • Combine deep soil analysis with plant tissue analysis to understand the full nutrient picture

Discounted prices apply for samples received between 27 July and 7 August 2020.

Download APAL’s Farm2Lab app on your Apple or Android device today, or get in touch with the APAL office to find out more.

*If there are challenges in drying very wet soils with high clay content, turnaround time may extend.