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Get your trees and vines crop-ready with soil testing

August 26, 2020

As spring approaches, so too does the need for soil testing ahead of bud burst.

Missed sampling post-vintage? Haven’t sampled for a while? Soil testing will help you to better understand your starting position in regard to nutrients and what is required to help your crops reach their full potential.

Why soil test?
Soil testing where new or young crops are planted will help you to better understand their nutrient requirements and any constraints which are present below the soil surface.

Soil testing now still allows an opportunity to correct any deficiencies, identify areas of increasing salt and gives you a clear picture of overall soil health.

It is also important to soil test established areas which have previously shown symptoms of nutrient deficiency through leaf and petiole testing.

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Knowledge is power
Combining soil analysis information with in-crop leaf and petiole testing as well as your own knowledge of your crops and soils will give you the greatest understanding and help you to plan a nutrition strategy for the coming season.


APAL’s Farm2Lab app can geo-locate your soil testing sites to help ensure you are sampling the same site each time you test. This information is stored so you can cross reference these results with follow-up in-crop soil testing.

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